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Selling Little Gasparilla Island Florida Real Estate

Why choose Jason and Amanda Painter as your REALTORS®? 
The process of selling your home can be sometimes be daunting task. Choosing the absolute best REALTOR to market and sell your home can make all the difference. The right real estate agent can turn an otherwise stressful, sometimes difficult process into a comfortable, more informed one. Choose us and we will make sure that you get the best price for your home, in the least amount of time.

What makes us different than other agents?
Amanda and Jason are both real estate BROKERS.  This means that we have been certified in the state of Florida to buy and sell real estate for others with no supervision, unlike regular real estate agents.  All real estate agents must be employed by a BROKER to do business.  Along with being brokers and certified REALTORS, we are also real estate investors and have been for the last 10 years. Knowledge of accurate home valuations is our livelihood. It is our #1 priority to know home values because we invest in real estate for a living. House and property values can change almost daily. We buy and sell our own properties all the time; therefore we know what your house needs to be priced at to sell in a timely manner.

Our Exclusive Marketing Plan
The following is a sample list of some of our marketing points. We save the best material for our clients. Unfortunately, we cannot print these marketing ideas publicly because or competitors read these websites too. We will custom design a program for our client that meets their needs perfectly.

1. We come to your home and go though some home staging tips and tricks to get your home ready to sell. We basically just give advice on how to prepare your home for sale in order to get the best price in the shortest amount of time.

2. Once staging is finished, we will take pictures with our special wide angle lens camera to get all of your interior rooms in full view. These pictures will be used throughout our marketing plan.

3. A virtual tour will be made of your home. A short video will also be made so that we can send it to potential buyers in far away locations.

4. Before entering the MLS system your listing will have a 48 hour period where we will market your home to users of our 30+ personal websites, our local investors, and our extensive list of home buyers.

5. Our Internet presence is second to none.  We have the largest web presence of any individual Realtor that we know of. Your listing will be the Featured Property on our own 30+ (and growing) industry leading websites.

6. Your home will be placed not only on one MLS provider, but all that cover a certain area. In the example of a home in Englewood, Florida, your home would be listed on the Innovia MLS as well as the Aris MLS systems.

7. These MLS listings will be available on, the most widely used real estate website in existence. They will also be listed on, yet another MLS resource.
8. The MLS listing will be incorporated into an email newsletter, this newsletter will be sent to all users of our 30+ websites as well as our team of Realtors at PROGRAM Realty. This newsletter will then be mass mailed to all real estate agents in our network all over Southwest Florida, Florida and beyond.
9. Special color just-listed post cards will be printed and mailed to all homeowners within a selected radius of your property.

10. We will place a large PROGRAM Realty sign in your yard complete with a brochure box.

11. The brochure box will be filled with a full color brochure of your home complete with pictures and descriptions.

12. If you agree, we can list your property for sale on Ebay for worldwide exposure.

13. You property will be marketed in local newspapers and real estate magazines.

14. Small classified ads of your property will be placed in both local newspapers and some selected newspapers up north.

15. We will hold “open houses” on your home, usually on Saturdays, food will be provided as well as color brochures of the home.

As you can see we aggressively market your home not just locally, but on a national basis. Through our professional affiliations and contacts, as well as our advanced technology tools, we can instantly put your home listing in front of all of the places qualified buyers are looking. Also, within minutes, we can notify every real estate agent in Florida of your new listing. One of the keys to selling your home quickly is to market it to other Realtors. Other Realtors are generally the people that will be bringing in their respective buyers. If we get the advertising out to the Realtors, they will in turn inform their customers.

If you are ready to put that home, condo, or land up for sale, fill out the contact info below, or just give us a call, we will do the rest!

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